Frequently Asked Questions

What Hardware will work with PearlPOS Software

Most POS Hardware will work with PearlPOS. We have recommended Hardware on our Hardware page. You can buy those hardware or you can call us if you have any questions in selecting or configuring the hardware. PearlPOS also works with hardware that have OPOS driver.

What is minimum Hardware Requirements

  • Computer
    • PC with Windows Vista or Later
    • Pentium 4 Processor
    • 256 MB RAM
    • 20 GB Hard Disk
    • 15" Monitor or bigger
  • Receipt Printer
  • Cash Drawer with Receipt Printer Interface
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Customer Display (optional)

How many days the trial software will work

The trial software will work for 30 days. The settings and the data you added to the software won't be lost. When you get the Registration Key you can use the settings and data you created.

What is the Refund Policy

Refunds are not available. You have 30 days to try the evaluation version to determine if it is the best solution for your business.

Are Updates free

Updates are free for one year from date of purchase. Frequent updates include new features and fixes, as well as changes to the documentation. Downloadable updates are available via a secure URL using your assigned username and serial number.

Training and Support

We provide Free Phone and Email Support. Our Office hours are Monday through Friday 9 to 5 Central Standard Time. Any support call during this time is answered. And for email support we reply within 6 hours from receipt of the Email

Does Point of Sale work with my cash register

Point of Sale does not run on traditional cash registers. The application is installed on a Windows-based computer with point-of-sale peripherals attached via the available ports on the computer. (It does not run on Apple computers.) Cashiers or sales associates ring up orders and tender sales with Point of Sale, but the solution also does much more. Point of Sale helps you automate inventory and purchasing management, track and maintain detailed customer information, analyze sales information...

Can I Install the Software Myself

Yes you can Install the software in less than an hour and start working. Read this Step by Step Install Instructions to do that

What are the available Sales Receipt Features

Sales Screen is the most used screen. We have designed this form to be user friendly and to be more productive. Refer this Sales Receipt Features Page for more information

Does it work with Multiple Registers

Yes. The software will work with multiple registers. You have to buy a set of hardware and POS for each register, which is POS Software, Computer, Cash Drawer, Receipt Printer and Barcode Scanner. You have to network both systems with a cross over cable.

I am happy with Cash Register why do I have to switch

Ofcourse Cash Register is easy to handle and it is very simple. But to run a store smarter you need to have a Point of Sale Software. Read this Why do I have to use Point of Sale Software page for a better explanation

Does Pearlpos can handle Scale/Scanner

Yes. Pearlpos have support to interface Scale/Scanner. And it is very easy to setup too. Just connect the Scale and configure the serial port in store settings. Refer our hardware page for our recommended Scale/Scanner

Can I get Started Immediately

You can sell items without adding it first. But this sale will be generic Sales and will not be linked to any Department or Item Sales. To scan items you have to complete adding items first. After completing data entry, you will have to enter exact stock for each item. Finishing that you can start using the Point of Sale Software

Do you provide any Data Help

Yes. We have full data file loaded with 2500 items specific to Liqour Store, Convenience Store and Grocery Store. On loading this file you will have 2500 items neatly classified into Departments, Category, Item and Styles. We charge a small fee for the data file. Please call us for more information.

What kind of reports available

  • Print Z Out report for any day or for any period
  • Sales Receipt List
  • Sales By Department
  • Sales By Category
  • Sales By Item
  • Sales By Style
  • Item Revenue
  • Top Ten Items
  • Worst Ten Items
  • Weekly Sales Report
  • Monthly Sales Compared for last 13 months
  • Yearly Sales With Margin, Growth Percent...