Pearlpos Install Instructions

Hardware Setup

  • We recommend Star Thermal Receipt Printer paper with USB Interface. Serial Port Interface will not work. Connect the Receipt Printer to the Computer. Install the Printer Driver from the Printer CD that comes with Printer. After Installation go to Control Panel - Printers and Faxes and select the properties for the installed printer by right clicking on the printer icon. There in Device Settings tab select the 72 mm x Receipt as paper type. Next set Cash Drawer 1 to open after printing
  • We recommend MS Cash Drawer with Star Receipt Printer Interface. Connect the Cash Drawer to the Receipt Printer with the cable that comes with the Cash Drawer.
  • We recommend HHP Barcode Scanner Keyboard Wedge with USB Interface. Connect the Barcode Scanner to the Computer.
  • If you need to connect cash pole then connect it to the serial port and later in software you can set the cash pole serial port. Any Cash Pole with serial port interface will work.

Software Setup

  • Put the PearlPOS CD on your CD drive. The installation will startup automatically. If not browse the CD and double click on Setup.exe. The installation will start. The install script will first look up for Dot Net Framework 4.5 in your system, if it is not installed already then it will prompt to Install from the Internet. If you are not connected to the Internet you can install the Dot Net Framework 4.5 from the CD. Just double click on dotnetfx.exe.
  • After Installing Dot Net Framework 4.5 just double click on Setup.exe again. This time it will install the PearlPOS Point of Sale Software.
  • After Installing the PearlPOS Software, login to the application and set all the store settings. If you have got the data file from us then first you have to restore the file from the store menu, then change settings.