Inventory Features

Handling Inventory is the most important feature of Point of Sale Software. Finding out which item is selling fast and which item is sitting in shelves for long time is very important to run a store efficiently.

To save money and build customer loyalty you will have to have items those are selling fast and put the items in clearance sale which are not selling. This you can do manually only to a certain extent. Even to that certain extent you will not be able to keep up regularly and will lose sales.

In this page just Add Item Features alone shown. To learn about Item List features check the Item List Features Page

Add Item

Item Description

Our Point of Sale Software has features like Re Order Level and Max Order Level. If a user fixes smart reorder and maximum order level, the application will help very well to optimize the inventory situation. So once maximum order level is set for an item, then for all purchases there after the buyer don’t have to plan how much to order.

Whenever a user writes a purchase order the maximum order level for that item is automatically populated as order quantity. Because of this feature the purchase will be consistent and keeps the stock to optimum level. You can also classify items by season and get report for those items by season which helps to sell of the items those are behind the season.

PearlPOS has features for issuing several type of discount like issuing discount by amount, discount by percent, discount by Scheme like ‘Buy one Get one Free’. All the schemes that are stipulated by Uniform Code Council are all included.

Item is classified in the following hierarchy. This classification helps to organize items in a logical fashion.

  • Department
    • Category 1
    • Category 2 …
      • Item 1
      • Item 2 …
        • Item Style 1
        • Item Style 2…

Item Tree.

Item Tree View

Before adding an item the user should add Department, Category and Vendor for that item. All Items has an item description, a style description, an optional style code, lookup number and barcode number. The application automatically provides a lookup number and barcode number for the item added, if it is left blank by the user. Using this lookup number or barcode

  • Scan item for sales
  • Issue discount
  • Print barcode
  • Issue Purchase Order
  • Receive item

Also you can set the following item properties like

  • Season
  • Reorder Level
  • Maximum Order Level

You can sort items in the list based on these features.

  • This helps you to keep track of Inventory of seasonal items
  • To avoid ordering items those are above maximum order level.
  • Order items that are below reorder level

Price plays an important role in item sales. Hence while adding Item you can easily fix the correct price for the item using the following features.

  • Markup Margin Percent
  • If the item is taxable then the tax for that item based on the new price
  • Total price for the item after tax

To plan perfectly each item has an easily accessible report. Refer the picture for more details.

Item Report

Item Report Screen

Based on different Price levels the prices for all the price levels are shown.

The user can Add, Change, Delete Image for each and every item in the inventory.

Also the user can Add, Change, Delete Comments for each and every item in the inventory.