Pearlpos for Liquor Store

Our Liquor Store version is specifically designed for Liquor Store. We realize that unlike other store, liquor store has several unique requirements.

Our POS Software comes with more than 6000 liquor store items preloaded major vendor like Republic, Glazier, Budweiser... with market price and cost, which you can customize as per your requirement

Pearlpos Features that are specific to Liquor Store are

Legal Age Bar Display in Sales Receipt

Each State has different legal age for consuming Beer and Cigar. If you set that age in the Store Settings, then Sales Receipt Form will display the legal age bar.

During busy sales, it is a very useful feature for cashier to look up. Refer the picture below. If you don't need that display then you can turn it off.

 Legal Age Bar Setting in Store Settings

Legal Age Bar Display in Sales Receipt


Get Customer Actual Age with State Issued ID

If you have a credit card reader attached to Sales Terminal, then you can swipe the customer state issued id on the card reader and you will get the full customer details including customer name, address, age, and id, there itself the system allows you to save as customer.

It quickly allows to add a customer to the system and displays the age of the customer.

Minor Sales Alert for Cashier for each Sale

If you set the Minor Sales Alert to true in Sales Receipt Settings, then for each sales it will alert the cashier to verify the id. That way, it is very useful in reminding the cashier on busy days.. 

 Minor Sales Alert Settings

If you set the alert settings to true, then it will display the below shown alert for every sale before taking payment.

Minor Sales Alert Screen after every sale