Purchase Features

To buy what sells and clear out that doesn't sell is trivial to a business. Vendor Module in PearlPOS helps you to acheive and helps to make smart decisions like

  • What to purchase?
  • When to purchase?
  • Where to purchase?
  • How much to purchase?...

In order to assist you in making these decisions, a good point of sale software can help you in providing reports with the past sales.

Stocking right merchandise in store will help you build your customer loyalty, will help your margin grow...

Pearlpos has lot of features to Maintain your Vendor Purchase and Sales

Add Edit Vendor

PearlPOS Add Vendor ScreenPearlPOS Add Vendor ScreenPearlpos Add Vendor ScreenVendor Screen

Vendor Features

Vendor Comments

You can add as many as comments you want to add. And each comment is listed date wise with the created user name. You can also edit and delete comments.

Vendor Purchase Order

You can view all the Purchase Order issued to that Vendor and also you can sort the closed PO and Open PO for that vendor

Vendor Supplied Items

You can view all the Items Supplied by that Vendor

Vendor History Report

You can view Purchase History and Sales History for that Vendor. Refer the picture below for Vendor Sales History

Vendor Sales History

Vendor Sales Report


Purchase Order

You can issue Purchase Order to a Vendor to keep track of orders. With Purchase Order you know

  • To which Vendor the PO is issued
  • What is on Order
  • How much is on Order
  • When you will receive
  • Cost of the Item
  • Payment Terms
  • Delivery Terms...

Vendor Purchase Order

Using Purchase Order is very easy. Just scan item barcode or enter item lookup number in the Purchase Order, the item details will be populated with its vendor information and maximum order level as order quantity. All the vendor terms is also populated.

The user can record comments on each Purchase Order he issues. He can add any number of comments to a single Purchase Order. He can also modify or delete the comment any time. Please note these comments are not printed in the Purchase Order. These comments for internal purpose only.

Navigate through all existing purchase orders to see what is on order with whom, how much ordered, if it is received...

Receive Item

You can receive item into system using this form. Items can be received directly without issuing a Purchase Order or through receiving an existing Open Purchase Order.

While receiving item, if an open purchase order exists for the selected item then the user is prompted to choose an existing open purchase order for that selected Vendor. User can opt to receive that Purchase Order or Receive Item directly.

While receiving Item User can change the cost of an item, If the cost of the item received changed from the existing cost

User can save the vendor Invoice number in Vendor Reference field for future reference

Easy lookup feature is enabled in barcode scanning field to lookup item easily by

  • Scanning Barcode
  • By Lookup Number
  • Using browse button to browse the whole list
  • Or by just entering few characters of the item

Easily navigate through Receive Items by using previous and next buttons

Vendor Receive Inventory Screen