Niranjan Seelam Grocery Store  
Our Place Grocery
Overland Park, Kansas 66210
(913) 451-0008

First we had some other Point of Sale Software. But their support is not that great. We had many issues unresolved. Then we choose PearlPOS. The support was awsome. Updates are also often. Nice POS Software with many features. And the best thing is they have the grocery data file with 5000 items loaded, which is very helpful. We started using the software from day one. I would highly recommend this software. We have 4 registers networked with our backoffice running without any problem.

Grocery Store Reju / Chirag
Reju Gandhi India Mart
Irving Texas

We are looking for a reliable pos software as we have too many items and too many transactions. We also repack many items that we buy in bulk. This POS Software has feature for printing barcodes. And we can print barcodes in just a regular inkjet printer, we don't have to buy expensive barcode printers. We installed PearlPOS last year and it is working flawless. Every month the company provides free updates.

Convenience Store Ali Ashraf
A-1 Food Mart & Groceries
Killeen Texas
(254) 200-9993

We use PearlPOS C Store Version. The very important requirement for a C store is to verify the age of the Customer. We cannot judge by appearance. On a busy time it is very hard to read the Customer State Id Card and find age, even if we find out we have to do math to find out the age. This software comes with ID Card Reader software and on a single swipe it gets the age, which is very useful. The C Store Data file came loaded with the software is also very useful.

Liquor Store Sudhakar Chekuru
All Star Liquor
Lubbock Texas

Ours is a new store and we are not that good in computers. The company helped us in Installation and Setup. The software came with 5000 items of liquor preloaded which helped us to use the software immediately. The feature we most liked is the software allows us to sell like an ordinary cash register. This feature is very helpful and we don't have to worry if the item is not added already.

Kashif PathanConvenience Store
Bodega on Rio
Austin Texas

Our convenience store has many employees and we need to track each employee sales with login logout details. Plus each user has their own cash settings like opening Balance, Cash In, Cash Paid Out, Register Balance. PearlPOS has useful and easy features like this to track each user session. Before using the software we have zout print out in files and have to refer thro a pile of papers to get a particular date. But now everything is in system and you just select the user and select the session. It is very helpful

Boutique Mieka Everston
Lerouge Boutique
Austin Texas

PearlPOS has a very good purchase and receiving. We want to keep track of our inventory precisely and we are looking for a Point of Sale Software to do that. We tried PearlPOS software and we liked it very much as it is user friendly and feature rich. Now we know stock of each and every item which we can physically verify at any time

Jewlry StoreUtpal Sharma 
Silver Edge
Dallas Texas

Our Store is a Silver Jewlry Store and we need some kind of Point of Sale Software that can handle different styles for each item. We tried PearlPOS and we were impressed that each item we add is neatly classified into Department, Category, Item and Styles. We have 2 registers networked with back office. We don't have any problem in the software. Good Support. Excellent Barcode Printing Support