Why do I need to use Point of Sale Software...

Why not Cash Register

After all you have been used to Manual Cash Register for long period, we know that you love its simplicity. We also understand setting up a Point of Sale Software can be intimidating. But there are some tremendous benefits for your business. With Cash Register you will only have that day sales and all the past sales are gone. How will you merchandise your store without knowing what sold previously. Obviously you do your purchase planning with your decreasing stock. But manual stock checking is always hard and error prone. You might not have the good seller item in stock on a busy day which results in lost sales in addition to dissatisfied customer

Better Inventory Control

By better managing inventory you can precisely know each item stock. Once you know the stock of each item, you will be aware of theft, broken, missing items. All employees know there is a better stock control. This will save lot. Typically for a store with $5oo,000 sales per year will save at least $15,000 against theft alone

Perfect Sales

In a typical Cash register all the prices are typed manually by the cashier. In a busy day if the cashier charges less for the items, then it will result in a big profit erosion. With the POS Software, every item in your store has an associated price. Never again will you have to figure out how much that Potato Chips sells for. Your staff will stop guessing prices. By switching to POS your savings will be significant.

Happy Customer

Computerized point of sale systems, with barcode scanners and other helpful tools, make checkout much, more faster. That means happier customers. Even if you don't use a barcode scanner, a computerised system is faster, because you can enter SKUs that are automatically linked to pricing.


With Point of Sale Software you can create your customer list with their email. Later you can email them your periodical store flyer

Better Planning

With handful of reports telling you have good insight into which Item  is selling, which is not sellling and takes your valuable store racks. It enables you to slow items for clearance and stock more of the items that are selling